Holes in the Darkness

The Story So Far: Part 2

As Our Heroes slept the quakes continued to rock the city, but by the time they set out for Tylsa Stormchapel’s home the ground had calmed. They soon find that the city has been conquered while they slept. On the way to their destination, they were surprised to find that the inhabitants of the city were quite docile considering the invasion and quakes.

Once they reached Tylsa’s house, a patrol of the invaders approached Warryn who was trying to break the magical lock on the front door. After a short exchange Tylsa passed in front of the soldiers who recognized her and instantly jumped in to attack! With the death of the mercenaries (and the unsuccessful taming of a raptor) the group hurried inside the building.

Tylsa beckoned the remaining four into the basement for the trick up her sleeve. The trick was that SHE WAS SECRETLY A DRAGON, DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN! Also, she had some particularly nasty looking experiments going on in her basement. Our Heroes were nearly able to defeat her before she engaged a magical apparatus that flings them across the world!



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