Holes in the Darkness

The Story So Far: Part 1

First off, let’s introduce Our Heroes: Urist, Warryn, Vahriin, and Keira (deceased)! Feel free to create and edit the page that corresponds to your character.

Now for abbreviated plot! The PCs all found themselves residing in the city of Roll’dan’s Rest for various reasons. They became victims of circumstance when an earthquake hit the city bringing the very earth they stood upon down around them. Finding themselves trapped in some sort of tunnel system below the city, they decided to work together to get out of this sticky situation. With them was a woman claiming to be an ambassador from the Republic of Melosh, calling herself Tylsa Stormchapel, and a thief.

While following the tunnels, this train of Heroes, secret dragon (spoilers), and red shirt guy came upon an ancient storeroom. Dripping from the ceiling was some sort of black goo that soon formed into the most dangerous monsters ever known to man (apparently). After a short, painful fight, they continued making their way through the tunnels. (Red shirt guy gets crushed by a boulder along the way because earthquakes are dangerous.)

The tunnels eventually led to a large underground structure. The group entered from the bottom floor where they found a group of cells. The walls were engraved with frescoes of a figure bringing justice to the world and punishing the wicked. In the main hall, Our Heroes found a blood red banner marked with the dragonborn sigil for justice, a large stone slab, and some pews.

Soon after entering the main hall, the sharp eared Urist heard some mercenaries arguing at the main entrance of the chamber. Before engaging them, they are able to make out the name Lord Jerick.

The two displays of fighting ability the group showed prompted Tylsa to ask them to escort her out of the city. She promised to pay them with whatever money she had at her house. Our Heroes agree to help her and set out after an extended rest.



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